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Pushcrew is one of the best kept secrets to building a a targeted audience from your website. Many marketers are looking for the edge to get their audience to take immediate action and Pushcrew and it’s push notifications system can be that vehicle. Pushcrew is a tool that enables you to send push notifications anywhere around the web for people that have accepted to receive your notifications. It allows you to send notifications to your followers without them being on your website. They get a notification when they are on your website asking them to allow or not your push notifications (you can customise these messgaes too!) and then once they say yes, you can immediately offer them your lead magnet as well as a welcome. We use this tool on the Start Up Mum website so hangout on it for 5 seconds and you will see it in action!

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OIO Publisher

When it comes to setting up ad space on WordPress websites, there are few options out there. We have been using a plugin called OIO Publisher. It allows us to place ad spots through out our website in the zones that we like. It also allows us to sell those ads if we wish. It allows us to pick what size ads we want, and how much should it cost. It integrates with several payment options including PayPal. You can offer buyers the opportunity to buy several months of advertising at a discount pricing or you can do monthly subscription. You can sell ads based on CPM, CPC, or fixed price. OIO Publisher automatically generates a sales page with all the details you provide. This allows the advertiser to select the ad spot they want to buy, and fill out their information (payment methods, ad image, ad link etc). Once they submit an ad, it waits for your approval before it is published on the site. Once you’ve approved the advertisement, OIO Publisher will run the ad for the period that you were paid for. It regularly emails out the statistics to your advertiser, so they can see how well the ad is performing. If your advertiser subscribed for month to month payment, then OIO Publisher checks with PayPal or their payment method to see if the payment was made. If the subscription was cancelled, it will notify you and automatically remove the ad from your site. How awesome is that?!?

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June 5, 2019