Weekly Challenge

Where did the year go!?! Did you know there are only 24 weeks left till Christmas? The year is flying by and you probably look at that list of things you wanted to achieve this year in your business…not to mention all the other “one day” ideas that you never get around to implementing…and wonder how on earth you are going to get it all done!

Does it have to be so overwhelming?

Yes it can be a very overwhelming place to be when you are trying to juggle a business with being a mum. BUT…what if we took the overwhelm out of it?  Instead of seeing a list as long as our arm staring back at us every day we instead focused on improving just one thing each week. AND…what if we did it TOGETHER? Doesn’t the idea of setting a group goal, supporting and cheering each other along sound better than doing it alone?

Welcome to our Weekly Challenge!

Starting Sunday 19th July, and every week until Christmas, we will set a new weekly challenge. It will be delivered to your inbox every Sunday morning giving you time to plan it into your week ahead. Plus we will be keeping everyone accountable, offering support and cheering each other on in our private Facebook Group.

Can you imagine how much you can grow your business between now and Christmas with a little help from a whole community of like-minded mums?!?

Awesome! How do I join the Weekly Challenge?

To join the challenge just become a FREE Community Member. As a Community Member you will receive the latest articles, news, business tips and special offers from Start Up Mum right into your inbox. Plus you get access to our Member’s Hub where we hide our freebies like webinar recordings and other resources. To top it off you get access to our Local Chapter forums so you can stay in touch with the business mums you meet at our local chapter events. All that for FREE….amazing right?!?

If you are already a Community Member or an Elite Member then you will automatically be added to the challenge so no need for you to do anything.

Yes, please give me my FREE Community Membership so I can not only be part of this amazing community of mums in business but also join this awesome Weekly Challenge!

All you need to do is click the button below and you will be on your way to becoming a FREE Community Member.

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So We’re All In Right?

Yes, we’re all up for the challenge – and that includes us here at Start Up Mum. We’re going to do the challenge right along side you. PLUS…in the interest of sharing and transparency…we’re going to report back on our wins and challenges. And, we would love to hear how you go too so we can share your results with the community.

I’ve Got A Suggestion For A Challenge!

Awesome! We would love to hear it. You can submit your suggestions here.

Sharing Is Caring

We would love you to share the Weekly Challenge with any other business mum you might know….after all the more the merrier! Select a button below to share via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and eMail or “pin” the image on the right.

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