What is Start Up Mum?

Start Up Mum is a national community for mums in business. It’s both an online and offline community that provides education, inspiration, tools and resources to help business mums start and grow their businesses.

Who can join Start Up Mum?

Anyone can join Start Up Mum…we have a no discrimination policy. If you are a dad in business or located in a place other than Australia, you are more than welcome to join and actively participate in the community. Just be warned though that we will be talking about “mum stuff” and business relevant to Australia only.

Why should I join the Start Up Mum community?

The Start Up Mum community offers a unique community designed especially for the needs of mums in business in Australia. We offer both online and offline networking and learning opportunities.

How is Start Up Mum different from other organisations for women?

We are a dedicated community for mums in business in Australia. We understand the needs of business mums because we are business mums just like you. We offer both online and in person networking opportunities on a regular basis. Our in person networking is done in a family friendly environment which allows you to bring your children along should you choose to.

How much does membership cost?

We offer many three levels of membership – Community Membership which is free, Premium Membership which is $30 per month. Take a look at our membership overview to find which level will be most suitable for your needs.

My question isn't here, how can I get it answered?

You can send us a question via our contact page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Can I advertise my business on Start Up Mum?

Yes you can place paid advertisements on Start Up Mum’s website. Contact us via our advertise page to discuss the options available.

If you are a Premium Member you can also promote your business, product, service in our online Marketplace.

Can I connect with other business mums?

For support, inspiration, tips and networking opportunities, join the Business Mums Australia Facebook group. We have daily themes and opportunities for you to share your business. With over 7,000 business mums from around Australia, you are sure to get the support you need.


I'm not a mum, can I still become a member?

Absolutely! We do not discriminate here at Start Up Mum and welcome all. Just be warned that we might talk about “mum stuff”!

I didn't receive my login info?

You should receive an email with your login info within minutes of joining.  If you haven’t received it then something must be wrong.  Please check your spam folder and see if our welcome email is there. If it’s not, please contact us and we’ll check it out for you. To help us out, please tell us which email address you registered with.

I've changed my email address, how can I update my membership details?

If you go to the very top menu bar and hover over My Account you will get a drop down menu. Select “settings” and on that page you will see the option to change your email address.

What happens after I become a member?

After you become a member, you’ll be redirected to a welcome page and be logged into the site.  We encourage you to go to your profile and add a lovely photo of yourself and cover image that reflects your personality. You can also add your social media and website details.  Then head straight to the Member’s Hub to enjoy all the goodies your membership gives you access to!

How do I upload a profile photo?

Your profile photo is the image that is used on your profile and throughout the site. To upload a profile photo:

  1. Click My Account on the top menu and select Profile from the drop down list
  2. Click Change your photo
  3. You can upload a photo in one of two ways
    • From your computer
    • Take a photo
  4. If there is a Gravatar associated with your account email we will use that, but it will be overrided by any image you upload from your computer.

How do I change the image (avatar) next to my name?

Your avatar appears next to posts you make in the forum. To change your avatar:

  1. Click Log in, from any page
  2. Go to My Account in the top menu and select Profile from the drop down list.

You can choose a new avatar in one of two ways:

  • Upload a new avatar from your computer (Click Browse and upload an image from your computer).
  • Take a photo

How can I tell other members about me?

The best way to communicate about yourself and your business is through your profile on the member directory. Be sure to include a professional photo, your bio, and links to websites and social sites.

To let others know about your expertise, the best way is to share it by contributing an article or becoming a presenter of a master class, joining one of the discussions in the Forums, or comment on the articles written by others.

  1. Click Log in from any page
  2. Go to My Account in the top menu and select Profile from the drop down list
  3. Enter information about yourself in the About You field. You can also enter your business name and description, and any other information you want to share in the My Business section
  4. Click Save Changes

How do I login?

To login:

  1. Click Log in at the top of any page.
  2. Enter your Username name and Password.
  3. Click Log in

Tip: If you’re the only one who uses this computer, click Keep me signed in to log in automatically next time you visit.

I have a billing question, who do I contact?

You can contact us here.

I'm a Start Up Mum Academy member. Will I be automatically billed each month?

Your card or Paypal account (depends which one you signed up with) will be automatically billed every month on the date that you signed up. If you sign up on the 3rd, you’ll always be billed on the 3rd. If you need to stop your membership, you can easily stop your subscription on the site by going to MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT and you won’t be billed the following month. Once you cancel your membership, your login will remain active and you will continue to receive benefits of the membership for the month you have paid up to.


How can I start a local chapter in my area?

Your first step is to fill in the form here to express your interest in a particular location. We will then contact you to let you know if a local chapter is already being developed in your community or if it is available. We can then have a chat, let you know more details about what is involved as a Local Chapter Ambassador and determine if it’s a good fit for both of us.


How can I print an invoice as proof of purchase for accounting purposes?

Go to Membership Account and you can print a copy of your invoice there.

I have a problem with payment, who do I contact?

These problems are rare, but you may receive a notification from PayPal when you fill in the form if there is a problem with verifying your credit card information. The most common verification problem, is where there is a mismatch of addresses for the credit card as described in the next question. If you have other problems, please contact us and we will look into it straightaway.


Who has access to online information about Start Up Mum members?

Basic member information is only available to other Start Up Mum members who have obtained a secure user name and password. Detailed information is only accessible to employees of Start Up Mum.

I am unable to login

You can click the “Forgot your password” link below the log-in box, which allows you to submit a request to reset your user name and password. Please be sure to provide your email address. Log in details will be sent to this address. If you do not remember the email address you provided at login, you can contact us and we can assist you in getting access to your account.

Will you sell my personal details?

No, we don’t sell our lists, so your personal data is safe with us.

How do I opt-out?

To unsubscribe from our newsletter or promotional emails, follow the unsubscribe link on the email. For other privacy questions, see our detailed Privacy Policy.

Still got questions?

Have you got a question that has not been answered? Feel free to submit it and we will get back to you.


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