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Start Up Mum is a community for mums in business in Australia. You might already have a business or perhaps are looking to start one. It’s place where you can come for inspiration, advice and resources to help you start and grow your business.

Start Up Mum was founded in 2014 with the idea to create a community that would empower mums to fulfill their business dreams. We’re committed to delivering tools, resources, guidance, inspiration and connection that mums in business need.

We offer:

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well it also takes one to build a business. We’re your village – a bunch of business mums just like you who can give support, advice and skills when they’re required. Come to us to celebrate your wins or ask us to help you with your challenges. We are here to offer our consolidated expertise. You might say we are mums helping other mums in business.

Join Start Up Mum to discover how to start and grow your business, master new skills, and connect with our growing community to start accelerate your business success.

Meet Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith is the founder and CEO of Start Up Mum. Having spent most of her working life in the corporate world, Michelle left the safety of her six figure salary to start her own consulting business. Finding it difficult to navigate the minefield of starting a business in Australia, Michelle also discovered she wasn’t just giving birth to a business but a baby was also on the way!

After the birth of her daughter, the solo mum realised that there were limited networking opportunities with like-minded women where she could take her baby along. Many of the mums Michelle came across talked about wanting to leave their job and start their own business so they could be at home with their children more. Other mums had grown up kids who weren’t relying on them as much any more and were thinking about striking out on their own and following a long held passion. The words Michelle heard over and over again were that they just didn’t know where to start and that they wanted to connect with other like-minded mums.

It was 3am one morning while Michelle was feeding her daughter that the concept for Start Up Mum first came to her. It was a vision of a community where mums could learn how to create a business that would fit around the needs of their families and lives. A supportive environment that helped them achieve their dream of having their own business. A community to inspire success. That early morning was the birth of Start Up Mum.

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