How my daughter’s day care teacher delivered a light bulb moment in business for me

I experienced a situation yesterday with my daughter’s day care that I didn’t expect (or at least so suddenly).  My daughter’s teacher resigned from her position and left immediately.  Ordinarily that might not seem like a huge issue but for me I struggled with this.  You see my daughter’s teacher has been there since we first started day care around 19 months ago.  She has been her teacher for that time (save for around 7 months) but even then my daughter was able to see her in the yard each day.

19 months I know isn’t very long but my daughter was able to establish a beautiful relationship with this teacher.  This teacher was instrumental in helping my daughter grow; she was there when she started to walk, to talk.  She was the first person that my daughter would stand still for and allows her to do her hair (yep even before me!).  When my daughter was distressed she was the one who could calm her down and whilst I know that my daughter has grown since then and does not rely on her in that way any more I still consider this a great loss.

As a parent, I absolutely cherished my daughter’s relationship with this teacher and whilst I know my daughter has great relationships with the other teachers this was her “first”.  When I dropped my daughter off at day care today, it didn’t quite feel the same and I sat in my car for a period to try and analyse my feelings when these 11 words popped into my head: I knew her, I liked her and I trusted her first.

That’s it in a nutshell.  When these words started going around in my head I found some amusement in it all.  In the strangest of ways, the universe was delivering a message that other’s had been telling me for ages!

How often in business do you hear people say that your customers need to “know you, like you and trust you” and quite often you will agree but then continue on changing nothing.  Well today was my light bulb moment.  Today it truly sunk in how much and how important it is for there to be those 3 elements – know, like and trust.

If you know someone you are comfortable with them.  If you like them you will return and if you trust them you will act on their advice.  If my daughter’s teacher had ever said that my daughter needed help with something – I would have done it without hesitation.  Why? I trusted her implicitly.  I trusted that she had my daughter’s best interests at heart and that is what made her a great teacher.

It made me think about my own business and what I can do to increase the know, like and trust factors.  Yesterday I would have told you I am doing all I can, today; I know I can do more.  I will find other ways to connect to reach out and to help.  As an owner of an online business we can very easily hide behind the façade of our website but today I will find ways to shown them who I am, as a person. I am going to try my hardest to connect with everyone on a personal level so that they can start to develop a relationship with me.  Most of all though I know that by doing this, over time, their trust in me will grow.

I am very grateful to my daughter’s teacher for everything she did for my daughter and for this powerful lesson.

So I challenge you today, to stop and think about all of your relationships and what you can do to increase how your clients know you, like you and trust you.

How can you increase the know, like and trust factors in your business? Leave a comment below.
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March 8, 2017

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