Do you really want more leads?

What’s the most important thing you need in your business right now? Most people answer more clients/sales or more leads to convert to clients/sales but if this is what you truly want and/or need then your answers are wrong. See leads should be the last step of any marketing process, certainly not the first as if any of the necessary foundational steps aren’t properly put in place beforehand then any lead you send to any landing page won’t convert to sales or clients but just to a web statistic of how much traffic passed through your website to not get you the results you want.

Instead I suggest you focus on a 5 step marketing plan where lead generation is the successful 5th step as the 4 essential foundation steps are already set in place before you drive any traffic anywhere. These 5 steps should include visibility, credibility, scalability, sales funnels and lastly lead generation but let’s look at each in more detail now.

  1. Visibility – The best and only way to truly be visible in the current market place if you ask me is to publish a book as the new and improved business card. This not only allows you to begin profiling yourself as the expert in your field but it also allows you to get paid to market your business. You used to have the choice of whether you wanted to publish a book or not but nowadays your choice is actually when you wish to do this as your competition is already doing this so to not do so would put you a step behind your competition which is obviously not where you want to be. Of course doing the same thing everyone else is, after they have already done it is also no place to be thus why step 2 is essential to take you from a step behind your competition to a step ahead.
  1. Credibility – So how do you take the instant credibility you receive from being a published author from a once off status quickly gone to an ongoing status daily lived. Well similarly to the traditional business card it is the call to action contained within that is more important than the marketing channel itself. And where is the best place to send someone from a once off $20 odd sale – well to a higher volume, regular transacting sale of course thus we enter the world of membership programs. These are actually a lot easier to create then you might think. Say you have a 10 chapter book, well now you have a 10 module membership program where each week they receive the same content in video format (as different people like to learn through differ learning modalities) where one sub heading becomes one video. Include some downloadable resources such as templates/checklists so someone can quickly and easily apply what they have just learnt combined with a weekly webinar where you can answer any questions that come up as people do this and you are basically done.
  1. Scalability – Of course there is one other thing you need to think about. If one of these techniques is used to get your credibility visible and the other to maintain it, what are you actually getting this credibility for, that is what you are the expert in? After you have claimed this expert status by marketing both yourself and your business these ways you need to monetise it by launching/relaunching your coaching services at your new hourly rate that your new status proves you are worth. And what is this rate – well that to a degree is irrelevant, what is relevant is that based on this rate you neither have the time nor the interest of filling your day with sales opportunities or leads to convert thus you want to fully automate the marketing of this area of your business as well. That right I am talking about pre-recorded/evergreen webinars where you deliver your sales pitch once in a manner it can convert for you an infinite number of times – now that’s true scalability.
  1. Sales Funnels – So you now have 3 fantastic marketing channels but none of these solutions are any good without a fully automated funnel so you don’t need to do any part of the marketing, sales or even fulfilment day-to-day tasks of your business other then turning up for your pre-booked/pre-paid coaching appointments. You need to make sure when building these funnels that you have separate funnels for each stage e.g. free preview, paid version and promoting affiliates including a separate landing page, registration form, database and series of follow up auto-responders but also that the exit point of one funnel flows straight into the entry point of the next so all you ever need do is drive traffic to the very first page of the very first funnel and everything else automatically flows for you. Better yet once you have sufficient affiliate traffic working on your behalf to drive traffic to the start of this funnel for you then you no longer have to.
  1. Lead Generation – Now and only now are you ready to implement your marketing plan so feel free turn on the tap of your marketing funnel by using your choice of lead generation techniques. Attract the media, go viral on social media, run your ads, set up your strategic alliances and film your videos as you now have the power to adjust the flow to suit your current available time and desired budget.

I wish you every publishing, marketing and business success.

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March 8, 2017

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